About Us

Cellcity is Asia’s Leading Mobile Solutions Provider.

Cellcity are a fast emerging market leader with a central role in the world’s fastest growing region for the world’s fastest growing industry.

Cellcity has created the world’s first technology platform upon which we are making possible the creation of the next generation of emerging mobile and digital solutions for Asia’s leading brands.


The Mobile Market Leader

It’s an industry of incredible potential with an estimated mobile payments value greater than 1.7 trillion (by 2016), and over 480 million payment enable phones by 2014, and more than 4 billion global mobile users.

It’s an industry in which Cellcity has already established itself as a market leader. We have created the platforms upon which many leading brands are already empowering their consumer communications, mobile commerce and marketing solutions and who act as references for us.

Marketing to your Customers

It’s an industry in which Cellcity has already productized its own marketing and commerce platforms. Solutions that tie into world leaders, auto-fitting payment platforms from PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, with NFC and Qr Code solutions in customized virtual wallets using our trademarked Fastap® solution.

Cellcity’s solutions marry consumer purchasing habits with product lifecycles driven by a marketing engine capable of proactively reaching out to cross sell and upsell to customers. The solutions are combined with rules, managed by a predictive behavior engine, that is designed to give customers what they want and when they want it (even before they know they want it)!

Our Client Focused Marketing Strategy

Cellcity CENTRAL technology combined with mobile commerce and predictive behavior solutions empower client’s mobile applications and digital marketing activities. We then drive those activities through CENTRAL’s capability to deliver consumer data intelligence that in turn can empower and automate future interaction to cross sell and upsell future initiatives.


Cellcity’s Technology Advantage

The Cellcity advantage for customers is that we don’t just provide mobile commerce or mobile applications. We provide CENTRAL, a powerful marketing driven platform that encompasses content management systems, customer relationship management, advertising and marketing management, social networking integration, realtime business analytics and mobile commerce frameworks. It then marries this with a world leading predictive behavior engine.

CENTRAL is a simple to use web management portal with modules that deliver payment solutions, coupons, push messaging, advertising, location marketing, social networking, Qr Codes, NFC and realtime reports and analytics.

CENTRAL provides complete lifecycle management over the CRM, marketing and sales management processes designed in a way to make it easy for the business manager to use with mobile applications, Facebook applications and websites designed to please the demands of the user.

CENTRAL provides complete lifecycle management over the CRM, marketing and sales management processes designed in a way to make it easy for the business manager to use with mobile applications, Facebook applications and websites designed to please the demands of the user.


Smart Technology

Cellcity’s predictive behavior algorithm enables us to become increasingly smarter (that’s how the algorithm works), about what a customer’s preferences might be, what kind of products and services they want, what they buy and when they buy them, what their habits are, when they do the grocery shopping, how often they buy certain products and where they are when they are doing it or what time of day it is when they make buying decisions.

When this predictive formula is married with all the marketing, advertising and analysis modules wrapped inside CENTRAL, we can present any company with the most powerful sales and marketing tool ever created, satisfying the end customer by delivering to him, exactly what he wants, when he wants it.

The Secret Sauce in our Business Model

Cellcity’s business model is based on our experience on how our current clients are building their future customer marketing infrastructure on CENTRAL. Once that process has started, CENTRAL becomes integral to the execution of all our customers marketing, campaign planning and execution processes to any digital-related mobile or web device.

In much the same way Internet users have become reliant on Google as a platform for search and email, Cellcity is providing leading brands a one-stop-shop, a platform (CENTRAL) and a hosting service to house and manage the intelligence relating to customer behavior. By creating platforms, instead of product solutions, we tie our customers into long term recurring revenues with substantial ongoing developments with them. We know the strategy is working and we have an embedded position that enables us to develop extendable digital solutions and ecosystems that our platforms will host.

Success Indicators

In the past 3 years, the success of our customers by campaign and marketing strategy has been nothing short of astounding. DBS Bank rated the 4th best Bank in the world emplopyed Cellcity for its digital and mobile strategy, marketing outreach campaigns garnering 44% response rates, return on investment realized in under 5 days and increased consumer participation of over 600% when promotion campaigns are well targeted in timely ways.

Case studies

Cellcity Products and Emerging Solutions

In addition to CENTRAL™, our marketing and CRM platform, Cellcity has also created a powerful predictive behavior algorithm called INSIDE TIP™. By combining the intelligence we gather from product purchasing, or tracking web and mobile application search paths of users, storing this information into segmented data fields, Cellcity is building the future tools to make our clients smarter when marketing to their consumers.

Our Near Field Communication solution called FastTap® is driving our NFC marketing solutions and our work with VISA, DBS and PayPal is empowering next generation mobile payments. Our proximity marketing solution is delivering advertisements, and promotions to consumers based on location and driving consumers to merchants (all managed by CENTRAL).

Cellcity’s sophisticated push messaging solutions are driving one to one marketing by matching the search path of an individual with their location and nearby promotions. And Cellcity’s secure mobile coupon solutions cater to individual and Groupon like solutions to enable brands to maximize promotions, with redemption points that can be reconciled with back end management rewards and loyalty solutions.